Turn Your Bike Into A Bicycle Exercise Trainer

Riding your bike is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle and compliment your personal fitness goals. But, when the weather is unpleasant the benefits of riding your bike go right out the window.  A reliable fallback plan is a must if you are to keep up with your fitness goals! Consider the following.

Wouldn't it be great to ride your favorite bike indoors safe from all of the elements? Normally, that wouldn't make sense but now you can do just that by converting your everyday bicycle into a stationary exercise bike. All you need is a good bicycle exercise trainer or bike stand that you can connect with your personal bicycle. Stationary bike stands support the rear wheel of your bike and allow it to spin whenever the bike is pedaled.

Stationary bike stands offer a variety of options for those who love bike riding. If you're training for an event and would like to continue your routine even during inclement weather just bring it indoors. There are a variety of stationary bike stands with functions that allow you to get the bike riding experience you need or desire in the comfort of your home. And stationary bike stands are capable of creating and adjusting resistance levels that are crucial to achieving your desired riding experience.
     11 Reasons To Love A Stationary Bike Stand
    1. No more missed workouts due to bad weather
    2. No stationary bike taking up space year round
    3. Economical: Cost $100.00's less than a stationary exercise bike.
    4. Keep training on the bike you already ride.
    5. Continue working on your gear shifting skills.
    6. No need to break in a new saddle
    7. Most bike stands can be folded for easy storage and travel.
    8. You can watch TV or listen to music while riding.
    9. Easy on the joints - no bumps or rough roads
    10. Great cardio fitness workout
    11. Can also be used as a tune-up bike stand.

    There Are Four Types Of Stationary Bike Stands Or Trainers
    1. Magnetic (Most Common-Most Affordable-Reliable)
    2. Air Resistant (Uses A Fan For Varying The Degree Of Pedaling Resistance)
    3. Fluid Resistant (For The Serious Cyclist-Most Realistic Feel)
    4. CPR-Centrifugal Pressure Resistance (Voted #1 in the industry)
    A Quick Review On Magnetic Bike Stands
    • Trainers will range from $100 to $300 and up, with the main price point being resistance levels or noise reduction. 

     F2 Mag Trainer By Forza
    The first of the stationary bike stands in this review is this F2  Mag Trainer By Forza(about $110.00). It is very strong and sturdy, the ride is surprisingly quiet and it features variable resistance. It is definitely one of the top stationary bike stands in the $100.00 range. 

     Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer
    This particular model of trainer, the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer(about $95.00), allows us the ability to choose from 5 different levels of resistance. It is great, because you can focus on your gear shifting skills without worrying about the “passing on your left” or the red light ahead. Having the ability to adjust resistance, in my opinion, is as beneficial as riding on the open road. Actually it is more beneficial, because it allows the user to simulate wind or uphill obstacles, thereby providing a comprehensive cardio and strength workout. 
    Aosome 20lb Kinetic Trainer

    This model, the Aosome 20lb Kinetic Trainer, is a good choice, though not top of the line, it's very sturdy and makes very little noise. Another good choice in the $100.00 range. I personally ride with the Aosome 17lb Kinetic Trainer which is surprisingly sturdy for a low cost trainer.

    Air Resistant Trainers

     CyleOps Wind Resistance Trainer
    Another somewhat popular version of exercise bike stands is the Air Resistant Trainers. (Must be something about the "Mag" term that attracts people. Hey, check out my "Mag")! Anyway, the CycleOps Wind Indoor Bicycle Trainer,(around $155.00) pictured to the right, is a pretty good choice. The wind trainer's fan uses air to create a smooth, even resistance, which will give you an excellent low-noise workout. 
      KettleWorx - Total Body Fitness

    Fluid Resistance Trainers 

    CycleOps Fluid 2 ResistanceTrain 
    The Fluid Resistant Trainers are for the truly serious cyclist and are among the most expensive. These exercise bike stands are fairly quiet and give you  the best realistic road-like feel. The CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer ($300.00 range) pictured to the right, is an excellent low-noise bicycle trainer. 

    Centrifugal Pressure Resistance Trainers

    The CPR System is the quietest system of any trainer with the longest coast-down in the industry. The large 3 inch Roller provides the smoothest, quietest ride available.  Six angled cooling holes circulate air to cool the unit.

    When you begin to pedal your bicycle, the friction plate is resting against the roller disk.  As you speed up, centrifugal force moves 9 steel balls outward, moving the friction plate over towards the friction pad. The faster you pedal, the harder the friction plate presses against the friction pad and the more resistance occurs. 

     1up USA CPR Bicycle Trainer
    Voted #1 In The Industry
    Just like riding outdoors, the faster you go, the harder it gets. This simple design performs better than any other resistance system, for the most realistic ride available. 

    The 1up Bicycle Trainer ($300.00 range) is made completely in the USA and was voted best trainer 5 years in a row. To my knowledge the 1up bicycle trainer may be the only CPR made to date. 


    Sunlite Forza Riser Block Gray
    Sunlite Forza Riser Block
    • Use a riser block under the front wheel to level the bike and to more firmly stabilize the bike. The Sunlite Forza Riser Block, pictured here, is sturdy and ecconomical. It accepts 24,26,27 and 700c wheels. 
    • Also consider stackable climbing blocks to simulate hills and adjust the ride to the height you desire.
    • Use a large fan or a couple small fans when doing intense workouts to simulate head winds. This will keep you cool and help to evaporate the excessive sweat created during your workout.
    • To protect your bike frame and components from sweat damage use a bike thong or sweat net. Or, if you prefer, you can wrap a towel around your frame.
    • To avoid boredom ride with a friend, switch up on your training, watch TV, listen to music - anything to keep it interesting. 
    • Also, check out my post - "Virtual Video Bike Ride-Indoor Cardio Without The Boredom." 
    Watch This Short Video-Tonya's Testimony

    Closing Note

    All of the stationary bike stands-bicycle trainers on this page have been user recommended and received 4 to 5 stars for customer satisfaction. Depending on your level of features desired and the budget you require, the choice is yours. Enjoy your ride!

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